The Team

Gabriel Ungureanu, CEO

Gabriel has over 22 years experience in the industry. He started as a Web Developer and advanced to Senior Software Architect.

He has worked for many large clients, such as Intel Corporation, City of San Francisco, Department of Health & Human Services (CHHS), California Office of Systems Integration (OSI), and many more. Both CHHS and OSI employ thousands of employees and both government organizations have complex software needs.

Throughout his career, he has earned many technical certifications and awards, including a prestigious software architecture award from CHHS for leading the development of their Case Management System which affects millions of families every day.

While working at CHHS and OSI, and due to the complexity of those large organizations, Gabriel came up with the Khamelia Advanced Business Framework architecture, which is the core of the Khamelia system.

Adrian Bogdan, COO

Adrian has over 20 years experience as a Project and Program Manager. He has worked as a Senior Project Manager for Intel Corp, California ISO, Chevron Corp, VSP Global, Raleys, Safeway, San Francisco Health Plan, and many more.

Adrian started as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Intel, then moved into the Project Manager role. Adrian has managed many large multi-million dollar projects, with a global scope, and teams of over 70 people. He managed projects of many types and industries, including retail, finance, medical, supply chain, merger and acquisitions, and cyber security.

Adrian holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Sacramento State (Sac State), and the internationally recognized certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

Best Hiring and Retaining Approach

Over the years operating in the region, we were able to identify the best of the best, bring them on board, and build a team. Our interview process is well defined. One of our key strengths is Training, a high priority for us for a solid team development, and it includes formal training and cross-training, basically pairing senior level developers with a junior developer to learn best practices.

We attract the best developers, we seek the best, and then we work hard to retain them. We have one of the more envious retention records in the region. We have a much lower turnover then other development shops in the region. The reason is because we reimburse appropriately. We understand the hard work it took our developers to achieve the level at which they operate, and we want to recognize that.

We like to have fun too! We know that when our team enjoys what they do, the work is of higher quality, the team is more cohesive, and absences are down. We insist on a healthy life/work balance. We worked hard to bring this high skill-set into the team, and we want to keep them safe and happy. We celebrate every major milestone, and for those that go above and beyond, we have recognitions ceremonies led by Sandeep Agarwal (CIO).

Following Industry Best Practices

A best practice is an industry-wide agreement that standardizes the most efficient and effective way to accomplish a desired outcome. One of the main aspects of our development team is to follow industry best practices at all times, such as regular code reviews, process and procedure training and quality control auditing.


  • Launched in 2012 as a local on-premise business solution.
  • Khamelia works on our adaptive business framework.
  • Developed with Microsoft C# multi-paradigm programming language.
  • Highly recommended by our current on-premise customers.