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In the past, we’ve used our Khamelia Framework to build web applications (with multiple software tools) for several of our customers. Our first version had three software tools integrated on the framework, while our second version had five software tools built in. All of which were well received by our existing customer base.

Now, we want to build our next version (v3.0) as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution that has six software tools built into one web application.

The Revolution Began

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It started out simple enough. Why not build a framework that would allow us to use and re-use code more efficiently?

The Demand was Amazing

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Then we decided to expand our first version by adding more tools to Khamelia. And, it worked and our customers loved it.

The Future Starts Now

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Now, we want to convert our current "on-premises" package to an online SaaS cloud solution. And at the same time add even more tools.

Customers Want SaaS Companies...

The market has drametically changed in recent years; when it comes to business Software Solutions, customers would now rather "rent" than buy. "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solutions provides convenience, regular updates, flexibility, and less lock-in for customers.

SaaS requires significantly less time and effort for implementation - reducing both the cost and the time to value (TTV) for customers.

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Necessary Steps to Perfection

Project Khamelia 3.0 - the critical phases of moving Khamelia from on-premise to the cloud

Project Definition
Adrian Bogdan PMP will lead the Project Management effort for this project. In his role as PMO Director, Adrian will bring his deep expertise to ensure that good project methodologies are followed and implemented by all project managers reporting to the PMO.
Site Structure
Gabriel Ungureanu has been one of the most highly soughtafter website architects within the Sacramento area. He has a vast knowledge around the best way to architect webbased software, and the best way to approach web-based software development.
Visual Design
Sunil Gemini has an extensive background in UI and Visual design. He brings all that experience to the team, and along with Gabriel will lead the project team in this area. Gabriel and Sunil will pioneer and further develop our award winning Khamelia framework architecture.
Site Development
Sandeep Agarwal (CIO), as the leader of the development team, he will ensure that the dev team will follow best programming practices, hold regular code reviews, and ensure that Quality is infused in every aspect of development.
This is one of the most important stages of this project. If the project team understands the need for Quality, and the philosophy of Quality, and infused Quality in all the everyday work, this phase of the project will be a blast.
This is it! During the Beta phase, we are confident that all of the major issues have been addressed. As it is the nature of Beta programs, new issues, based on external customer usage, will surface – but, we’ll be ready to address them.

We're Ready...

We’re currently seeking investors that we can partner with so that we can take the Khamelia Advanced Business Suite to the next level. Over the last seven years, we’ve been running our Khamelia framework as an “on-premise” basis, and we’ve come to determine that this “on-premise” model is severely limiting our growth.

In plain English, we want to take our Khamelia Framework and System to the cloud – to the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) platform. In order to do that, we’re looking for serious investors that are ready and willing to invest into this system and our company.

We just passed a major milestone in November, Khamelia v3.0 Working Prototype is now on Microsoft Azure. The team is now getting ready for the next major milestone, Khamelia v3.0 , early next year. We have the best Executive Team ready to go. In addition, we also have the right technical teams, from the top developers, the best UI designers, to highly experienced project managers.

For us, Khamelia is not just a project, it’s the work of our hands for the last seven plus years. We believe in our product and we’re highly committed to it as well. All of our experience and lessons learned so far, have been applied and we’re now ready to proceed forward. We firmly believe that we are well positioned to have one of the best SaaS solutions on the market. We’re ready.

Gratefully Yours,

Adrian Bogdan
Chief Operating Officer & Vice President
Khamelia Software, Inc.

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We believe that Khamelia makes the world a better place. Khamelia is a safe investment; low risk, with high potential. We are all very committed to make it work.