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Adaptive Project Management... The Better Way to Do all Your Projects

Khamelia LITE is the only online management tool that allows you to manage all your projects your way - that's why we call it "adaptive project management." Most project management software on the market wants you to manage projects their way - except for Khamelia, that's it.

Work Together More Efficiently with Khamelia's Adaptive Business Intelligence

Collaborate directly in the context of any project, task or timesheet for real-time communication.
In addition, share documents, comments and feedback in one central place, mentioning all relevant team users with automatic
notifications on every update. Khamelia makes all of this possible and more...

Khamelia Project Management Methodologies

An Award-Winning Easy to Use User Interface

Interface designers may be obsessed with how pretty their creations look, but it’s how users feel at the end of a task that really determines how usable a device is, according to human-computer interaction (HCI) guru Donald Norman. At Khamelia Software, we understand the importance of a “user-friendly” design that is modular and scalable from a coding and functionality perspective.

A product that's difficult to figure out, inefficient to use, or poorly supported is not going to win much of a user base. That’s why we’ve put in a substantial amount of our time and effort in determining what that optimal user-interface design should not only look like, but also how it should function. We understand that in order for our system to be user-friendly, it must also function really well – in other words, it’s the entire system. Everything must look good and work correctly in order for our customers to have the best experience possible.

A Powerful Work Framework for the Way You Work Today

Comprehensive web-based project management software to efficiently organize, track, and collaborate your project management efforts.

Project Management Made Easy
One project management tool for all your teams in one central place.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency
Instantly increase your teams productivity and efficiency to save money.

Customizable & Scalable
Highly flexible & customizable software to support your processes and business models.

Easily Manage & Track Results
Discover the right tool that provides full project visibility.

Seamless Integration & API Support
Enhance productivity with our package of fully integrated applications.

Powerful dashboard & Reports
All the insights, metrics & answers in our dashboards and reports.

Manage Complex Projects
Manage every aspect of complex projects and visualize all your tasks.

Real-Time Data for Your Dashboards
Get critical data in real time with easy-to-configure, widget-based views.

Ideal for Waterfall & Agile Projects
Product launches, sprint planning, regression testing, events and more...

Khamelia Software - One Solution for your Entire Business...

Carry Khamelia in Your Pocket with Khamelia 3.0!

Project management doesn't have to stop when you're on the road. Collaborate while on the go with your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy Khamelia on your iPhone / iPad, Windows or Android device.

Khamelia Mobile

Essential Business Tools for Effective Project Management

Take collaboration to new heights with a wide range of easy to use powerful tools. And while we’re limiting version 3.0 to six integrated applications – our Khamelia framework will handle even more integrated applications in future releases. The possibilities are endless.

The project task level screen is very useful. There are many tools out there, but the Khamelia Task View offers a lot of information at a glance. The user can see the status of the task, due date, assignee, and any notes associated with a particular task. It's very user-friendly and efficient, which allows for projects to move effectively and expediently.

The Gantt Chart view has the standard look-and-feel, except with additional features. It works very well with the Collaboration tool, as the user can start a conversation right from the task itself. It’s also more dynamic and modern, which makes it more pleasant to work with than our competitors’ products.

The timesheet tool is very easy to use. The user can go to one screen (above) and populate it with their Actual hours. Once the timesheet has been updated, that particular task is updated throughout the system, as it’s all integrated. The user has then completed the timesheet for the week.

The Status Update screen (above) is highly configurable. It has all of the pertinent information on the status of each task, as well as which task needs attention. It can act like a dashboard for the project. From here the manager can contact the task owner, dig deeper into the task, or take other actions as needed.

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