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Adrian Bogdan

Adrian Bogdan

Updated 12:30 PM PST, Mon Sep 14, 2020

Khamelia Network Security

One of the key factors in a product selection process is the product's security and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) capabilities. These are very important considerations as it does not matter how great a product’s features and capabilities are, if it is not secure, it will not be selected. Security, in our day and age, is tantamount in selecting a product. Everybody wants to sleep easy at night, and not have to worry about a breach. Khamelia is highly secured. We selected Microsoft Azure because of its security around its SaaS services. Taking in account the Microsoft Azure security and couple that with our Khamelia security, it is the most secure business software suite offering on the market today.

Khamelia Network & Infrastructure Security, and BC/DR

Data Centers

The Khamelia cloud application is hosted by Microsoft Azure in their highly secure data centers in Silicon Valley Data Center. The Khamelia dedicated servers have a global uptime average of 99.999%+ with Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth.

Data Center Certificates

The Khamelia Azure servers meet the following standards for certification, capability and compliance:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Certified
  • FedRAMP High Compliant
  • Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (FICIC) compliant
  • HITRUST Certification 2019
  • MTCS (SS584 2015) Certification 2019
  • Microsoft ISO/IEC 27001 certification
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Safe Harbor Certified

Note: Khamelia Software neither collects nor process PHI data from our customers

Data Center Physical Security

The Khamelia servers are secured on Microsoft Azure Data Centers with the following security protocols in place:

  • 24/7/365 Manned Facilities
  • CCTV Security Cameras Covering Inside, Outside and All Entrances
  • Site Entrances Require Electronic Perimeter Access Card System
  • Sites Remotely Monitored By 3rd Party Security Company
  • Entrances Secured by Mantraps with Interlocking Doors
  • SSAE-16 Compliant, HIPAA Capable, Safe Harbor Certified
Khamelia Office & Branch Security

The Khamelia offices and branches are very secure. We implemented the best security and access controls at each branch:

  • State-of-the-art network security provided by NextGen Firewalls from Palo Alto Networks and Sophos for each branch
  • Removal of CD/DVD drives, USB drives, and other physical access to the Developers' Stations
  • No cell phones or cameras allowed in the Development Center
  • Biometrics authentication is used for physical access control at our Development Center
  • CCTV security cameras at the Development Center
  • No unsupervised visitation allowed at Headquarters or Development Centers
  • CCTV and 24/7 alarm system at Headquarters
  • Regular security and compliance reviews
Cooling System
  • Multiple Liebert 20, 22, 30 and 45 Ton up flow and down flow AC Units
  • Standalone HVAC systems that don't allow for large scale failure
  • Designed for Addition of Air-Side Economization
Khamelia Software

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Network Hardware
  • Redundant Fiber Entrance Expandable to 1,840 Gigabits Per Second
  • Multiple Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links to Data Center 1 and Data Center 2
  • Fully Redundant Cisco 6509 Sup720 and Nexus 7000 Distribution Switches
  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links to Each Rack Switch
  • Cisco 4948 48-Port 10/100/1000 Rack Switches
Server Power & Backup
  • Expandable 13,500 kVA Utility Power Feeds
  • Multiple ASCO Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches
  • Multiple N+1 Generac Diesel Generators
  • Multiple N+1 Power ware 9395 550 kVA UPS systems
  • Multiple Service Entrance Feeds
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The Khamelia dedicated servers at Microsoft Azure Data Centers offer continuous backup and business continuity. In addition to 24/7/365 onsite security, the servers are monitored 24/7 to assess system health, optimal performance and early detection of problems and have a dedicated immediate response team.


Khamelia has processes that require full redundancy with our network infrastructure, from Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth, to uninterruptible power supplies with redundant battery cabinets, to state-of-the-art environmental conditions and onsite security, the Microsoft Azure Data Centers support all of those redundancy requirements, feature several zones for added redundancy within the region, as well as geographic redundancy for disaster recovery.

Vulnerability Management

Using a combination of manual and automated processes and tools, Khamelia continuously monitors for security threats and has protocols in place to investigate and remediate any vulnerabilities.

Business Continuity Testing

In addition to our disaster recovery plan, Microsoft Azure and its data centers operate with a business continuity plan. That plan calls for regularly testing to ensure network infrastructure and security processes are working according to plan. Our Business Continuity Plan is a comprehensive approach to restoring all systems as quickly as possible in the event of any service interruption.


Khamelia, on Microsoft Azure, has secured data in several ways, including the implementation and regular management of system firewalls. Engineers regularly apply tests to the firewall to ensure operability and compliance with the latest threats to cyber security. In addition, our servers are built with full redundancy in order to secure data in the event of any impacts.

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