Time Tracking with
100% Accuracy

Stop losing time and start gaining insight with automated time tracking. Produce reliable data for reporting, invoicing and accounting.
Time Tracking with 100% Accuracy

Adaptive Time Tracking... The Better Way to Track Time & Expenses

Start and stop timers as you work through your to-do list or enter all your hours into a timesheet in one go. Khamelia lets you track time in whatever way is easiest for you. Put your timesheet data to work with smarter reporting and analytics.

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Keep Projects on Track

Get crucial information to keep projects under budget and running smoothly.

Khamelia Gantt Chart
Get Paid Faster

Create invoices based on billable hours, send them to clients and get paid faster.

Khamelia Kanban
Manage Your Team Better

See how much time they're putting into different projects and tasks.

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Spend Less Time Tracking Your Work and More Time Achieving Your Goals

Khamelia's time tracking system is specifically designed for professional services firms. Our customizable views, smart lookups, user-driven defaults supports the most intuitive timesheet on the market.

Easy Time Tracking
Easy Time Tracking

Khamelia makes time tracking so simple you'll actually use it. But even if you forget, our tracking reminders and idle detection have your back.

Get Work Done on Time, all the Time

Plan your project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time.

Get Work Done on Time, all the Time
Go Beyond Time Tracking
Go Beyond Time Tracking

From tracking time to approving it, Khamelia takes your team from start to finish with ease.

Track & Monitor Everybody's Time

Khamelia is here to give your time meaning again! By allowing Khamelia to track and monitor these crucial but time consuming parts of your business.

Track & Monitor Everybody's Time
Track Remote Employees
Track Remote Employees

Numerous overlapping deadlines, project juggling and multiple clients to keep happy are just a few of the hurdles remote employees have to overcome on a daily basis.

Powerfully Flexible

With Khamelia you can scale with ease. Khamelia was built for growing, productive teams.

Powerfully Flexible

Work Together More Efficiently with Khamelia's Adaptive Business Intelligence

Collaborate directly in the context of any project, task or timesheet for real-time communication.
In addition, share documents, comments and feedback in one central place, mentioning all relevant team users with automatic
notifications on every update. Khamelia makes all of this possible and more...

Work Together More Efficiently with Khamelia

Scales with Your Team and Across the Organization

Across the hall or across the globe, we have an online business
management solution for your company.

Project Tracking

Organize everything you need to keep track of all your tasks and get them done faster and better with Khamelia

Gantt Chart

Organize everything you need to keep track of all your tasks and get them done faster and better with Khamelia's Gantt Chart

Project Plans

Collaborate on the work and create project plans easily and quickly. Do the right work and deliver it faster than ever before


Use Khamelia and get everyone on the same page and move projects forward quickly, efficiently and with transparency

Workflow Manager

Design custom workflows that map to your processes and set automations so projects run like clockwork

Project Reports

Build insightful reports that unlock data across teams to uncover the next big opportunity in your business

Business Requirements

Centralize and organize all your company's business requirements so you can organize and manage your projects

Chats & Discussions

Khamelia is way more than live chat software; it's an all-in-one software application that offers mission-critical features & functionality


Khamelia does provide the 'mentioned' functionality that allows all users to link a person, place or piece of content within the system

Page Chats

Khamelia provides chat functionality at the page level for real-time messaging that ensures fewer meetings and less internal email messages

Online File Storage

Khamelia does offer scalable, elastic file storage for all users so they can instantly locate, share and secure your vital business files

Send Documents w/ Workflows

Sharing large files and folder is incredibly easy; you can share public links to your files, collaborate on shared folders and shared files

Tasks for Multiple People

Khamelia give users the ability to not only manage multiple projects, but it also give users the ability to assign a single task to multiple people

Task Priorities

Khamelia's priority matrix gives users everything that they need to set tasks priorities in order to succeed through more effective priority management

Tasks Lists

Task lists can really help companies to get and ten to stay organized. Khamelia gives the users the ability to easily create task lists via desktop

Document Collaboration

Make distance immaterial by sharing and collaborating on files with Khamelia's secure business workplace

Task Management

Plan and track all your projects. Collaborate more efficiently with your team and get more done with the Khamelia system


Khamelia is a task management system with sub-tasks, checklists and templates. Khamelia offers adaptive sub-task functionality

Team Manager

Khamelia's team manager functionality allows users to manage your team's work, project and tasks so you can keep your team's work on schedule

Time Reports

Track time, import hours to payroll and manage hourly employees with confidence - the system is completely flexible to all your timesheet needs

A revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. An unprecedented seven integrated applications on one account, with complete administrative control - for a price that will change the way you think about buying software.

Track Time & Expenses

Time tracking can unlock key information about your business, but remembering to do it can be a challenge.

Khamelia makes it easy to track time and expenses, so you get access to critical data without driving yourself (or your team) crazy.

img tracking
img tracking

We Make It Easy to Record Employee Hours

Yes, Khamelia has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, and online timesheets that make entering time as easy as possible. But there's more. Our Quick Day and Quick Week features make it easy to copy repeat tasks or time worked.

Even better, our timesheets can be set up so that only the right projects or tasks are visible for your team. This means that time is not only entered faster, but it helps to ensure accurate entries.

Khamelia Works Wherever You Are

Use the Windows or Mac app to start a timer from your desktop, or the Chrome extension to track time from your browser. And if you're running to a meeting at a client's office, our mobile apps have you covered.

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img tracking

Transparent Billing Communication with Clients

Track time and delegate tasks for all your businesses from a single dashboard. Analyze time tracking reports and improve productivity. Time devoted to each task, client or projects can be analyzed, then generate tracked time to invoices.

Khamelia Works for all Teams in all Industries

Khamelia.com is dedicated to continually improve and enhance functionality and user experience within all Industries

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Get the Best Project Management Software for Your Teams

A Powerful Work Framework for the Way You Work Today

Comprehensive web-based project management software
to efficiently organize, track, and collaborate your project management efforts.

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Project Management Made Easy
One project management tool for all your teams in one central place.

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Increased Productivity & Efficiency
Instantly increase your teams productivity and efficiency to save money.

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Customizable & Scalable
Highly flexible & customizable software available online 24/7.

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Easily Manage & Track Results
Discover the right online tool that provides full project visibility.

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Seamless Integration & API Support
Enhance productivity with our package of fully integrated online applications.

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Powerful dashboard & Reports
All the insights, metrics & answers in our dashboards and reports.

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Manage Complex Projects
Manage every aspect of complex projects and visualize all your tasks.

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Real-Time Data for Your Dashboards
Get critical data in real time with easy-to-configure, widget-based views.

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Ideal for Waterfall & Agile Projects
Product launches, sprint planning, regression testing, events and more~/KhameliaFrontend.

Why pay for dozens of expensive business software packages, when you can have ONE low-priced online solution that does more - lot's more.

Dedicated to Offering Exceptional Customer Support

Our customer support staff provides a high level of responsive support. Contact us through email, chat online, or by phone. It's always a pleasure to interact with our users and hear what you have to say, explain a new feature, and better understand your usage of Khamelia.com.

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