What is a Project Constraint?

Adrian Bogdan

Adrian Bogdan

Updated 12:30 PM PST, Mon August 3, 2020

Project Constraint

What is a project constraint, and why is it important that we document and capture them? Constraints identification and documentation is very important to project management. A constraint, if not identified, can create risks to actualize within your project.

A constraint is anything that can impact any aspect of your project. The three main constraints are the Iron Triangle – Cost/Budget, Scope/Requirements, and Time/Schedule. But there are so many other types of constraints that can impact your project in minor or major ways. Here are a few categories of constraints:

  • Legal/regulatory/procedural
  • Seasonal
  • Training, or lack of
  • Access to a resource
  • Personal
  • Quality
  • Proper equipment

The reason a Project Manager (PM) should focus on discussing constraints with the project team, is to make sure that as soon as a team member identified a constraint, then he/she captures it, so that the PM is immediately informed. If the PM does not discuss constraints with the team, then there is a good chance that a team member may not feel comfortable with bringing it up. It is up to the PM to ensure the team feels confident to identify and report constraints. A constrain, if unmanaged, can quickly become a risk.

Constraint Management with Khamelia

In Khamelia you can capture constraints at Task Level and Project Level; anybody on your project can do that. The PM can then run a regular Project Constraints Report, and identify where that constraint resides. In Khamelia, you can even put an alert on a constraint, so the PM is notified when a constraint is entered. That way, the risk factor is minimized.

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